Wild Ass
A rebel with a cause. This sweet, red wine is made with
locally grown grapes and wild grapes. Our most popular
Sommer Rose
A red wine made with St. Croix grapes and sweetened with
locally harvested honey from Hilltop Apiaries.
Blue Bell
A sweet rosé wine made with Blue Bell grapes from
our vineyard.
Happy Ass
A smooth, sweet, apple wine made with apples grown
in our orchard. One of our best sellers!
GrAB Ass
A sweet wine made from a blend of apples and grapes.
Rhubarb (out of stock-sorry!)
A sweet wine made exclusively from locally grown
rhubarb. A great choice for the rhubarb lover!
Aronia Berry
A sweet, unique wine made with locally grown Aronia
A wonderfully fruity, sweet wine made with real

St. Pepin

A dry, white wine made with locally grown St. Pepin grapes.
Aged with oak. A light wine that pairs well with meals.

Cranberry (available soon!!)

A sweet wine made from Wisconsin grown cranberries.

Caramel Apple (available soon!!)

A sweet, apple wine with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. A
wonderful fall drink.

Mead (available soon!!)

A wine fermented from locally harvested honey from Hilltop
Apiaries and sweetened with more honey.

Frontenac (currently unavailable)

A dry, red wine made with Frontenac grapes grown in our

We have the following wines available. In our tasting room you can also find wine mixers,
glasses, and other fun wine gifts and accessories.